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POV | Who's Watching Cordish (10/17/13)

I was walking through 4th Street Live the other day and I noticed something very alarming.  There are three restaurants on street level that are closed.  There is the Improv on the second floor that is closed. There may be more that I don't know about.

Fourth Street Live is critical to the success and vibrancy of downtown.  If the Cordish Company, which manages the venue, is doing something we don't know about to address these vacancies, great. But they seem to be neglecting the problem. And I haven't heard anything from our city leaders lately either about being disturbed by this neglect. 

If I were the mayor or the collective Metro Council, here's what I would tell Cordish:  Number one: The rent you're charging is astronomical.  Don't be greedy.  Lower it, take a fair cut and let your tenants make money too. 

Number two: Stop setting up mobile bars in the middle of the street on the weekends.  You shouldn't be competing with the bars who are your tenants. 

Number three:  You have held an option on the water company block for years.  Do something with it.  Partner with a company to build a hotel on the property - maybe 600 to 800 rooms.  That would be a productive use of property and would enhance the city's convention business.  Finally, I know Louisville is one of your smaller markets, but don't forget about us.  We've been very generous with you.  Be a better partner.

I'm Bill Lamb…and that's my Point of View.

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