LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – It's been nearly 5 months since Bardstown Police officer Jason Ellis was shot and killed on the way home from work, and still no arrests in this case.

The Bardstown community isn't giving up hope.

On Saturday, a race that was near and dear to Officer Ellis went on in his honor.

Before the sun even came up, hundreds of people hit the pavement in Bardstown.

"It's good to show a lot of energy and positivity for this cause," says participant Laura Gabbert.

"We love this family and we'll support them as long as they need us," says participant Jackie Dale.

In 2011, Officer Ellis and his wife Amy organized a 5K Walk/Run to support Down Syndrome Research.

One of the couple's two sons has Down Syndrome.

"The event was actually started by Jason and his wife Amy. The last two years it's been run under the title The Harvest Run. This year, Jason and Amy had the idea and passion to bring it to Bardstown and make it a bigger event," says Josh Thomas, a friend of the Ellis family.

This year, the event took on even more significance after Officer Ellis was shot and killed in late May.

It is now also supporting the organization Supporting Heroes, which honors fallen heroes like Jason Ellis, and cares for their loved ones left behind.

The charity has grown dear to this family, and many other families, who have lost loved ones in the line of duty.

"We don't know where the need will be next, but we do know another hero will fall," says Eric Johnson, Executive Director of Supporting Heroes.

"So we just thought this was another way to carry on his memory as well as raise money for two different organizations that are very near and dear to their heart," says Josh Thomas.

A jersey was also given to Amy Ellis that had the fallen officer's last name on the back, as well as his officer number.

It's signed by his fellow Bardstown officers, dispatchers, and those with the Nelson County Sheriff's Office. 

It's one of many ways this community continues to support Officer Ellis and his family.

"The support not just from this community, but from the region has been pretty amazing. There's no question that Officer's Ellis' death touched this city in a huge way, and I don't expect them to forget anytime soon," says Eric Johnson.  

Friends of the Ellis family say they hope to make this an annual event to raise money for these two important causes and to honor the fallen officer.

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