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Activities that get your children up and moving

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Just ten minutes of exercise a day can help your children avoid childhood obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other problems. Carlos Rivas shows us how to make fitness fun with obstacle courses and strength training.

Kid's Fitness Activities for the Whole Family!

Children need to be active for optimal health, but many are leading very sedentary lifestyles due to TV, computers, video games and the lack of physical education in many schools. You can help your children by incorporating 10 minutes of fun fitness activities per day and help to protect them from childhood obesity, high-blood pressure, type two diabetes and high cholesterol. Workouts for children should meet the needs of their developmental stages. Always check with your child's doctor prior to beginning any new fitness program. Want to get in great shape? Learn more at


Kids love fun, and obstacle courses are a fun way to get them motivated and moving. Obstacle courses are simple to set up at home, the park, or the playground and you can use a variety of things as equipment. Get creative and use toys in the closet, stuffed animals, soccer balls, footballs, jump ropes, or plastic cups to set up as the obstacles. Make each obstacle fun and challenging and keep the game going for 10 minutes. After you come up with a few courses have the children make up a few and participate with them.


Strength training with light weights and body resistance exercise is effective and safe for almost all healthy children. Strength training promotes healthy bone growth, improves self-confidence and improves muscular fitness and motor fitness performance. Equipment such as light medicine balls, resistance bands or tubing or light dumbbells are easy and fun for children to use. When children are working out with weights for strength training, it is important to ensure that all major muscle groups are worked equally in a balanced, full-body workout. It is recommended to talk to your child's doctor prior to beginning a strength training program and to have a certified personal trainer help to set up a customized program.


Follow the leader fitness fun is a fun way to involve the whole family in fitness and set a good example. You can do this workout anywhere, inside, outside, at home, or at a park. Begin with slow movement such as marching and a variety of jumping jacks. Follow this with movements that utilize body resistance, such as leap frog, burpees, push-ups and sit-ups. Then, end with a cool-down and stretch. Have the children follow you as the leader for most of the movements and then switch off and have them come up with some on their own.

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About Carlos Rivas:

Carlos Rivas, MS, CSCS, ACSM-CPT is the Director of Fitness and High Performance Coaching for ProFormance, LLC, a highly individualized wellness, personal training, nutrition, and wellness coaching company. He holds bachelor's degrees in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine and a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology. Carlos is also a highly sought presenter, a health and wellness consultant, and is recognized as one of the best fitness and wellness coaches in the country.

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