Halloween is on a Thursday this year making it a bit inconvenient to host a full blown boo bash during the week; however, a few sweet treats are doable with readily available grocery store items. And Cloverfields Farm & Kitchen's Janine Washle has some culinary tricks that will put you on the top of the treat list.

Shaping a meatloaf to resemble a brain and serving with a red sauce is an easy dinner idea. Cooking pasta in water colored with red food coloring and calling it intestines is another fun way to add a little fear factor to the dinner hour. When very young children are involved, it is best to not go over the top with the scare quotient. Terror has a way of coloring images for the rest of their lives. Think about scary clowns and eerie talking dolls even puppets that many of us were scared by, when we were small. Keep it cute and a tad bit scary, when entertaining them. You will be glad you took the slightly scary route, when bedtime rolls around.

On the other hand, a houseful of teens may enjoy a Zombie themed party. Many trick or treat events will be held on the weekend, so a few more complicated treats can show up at a neighborhood boo bash. Brains made from gelatin have an instant creep factor. Re-shape pizza dough to look like a distorted head or hand. Top with the typical toppings and load on the cheese. Bake and let the cheese get a little brown. The melted cheese gives a Walking Dead quality to a teen favorite, pizza. Cupcakes and cake become graveyards with a tombstone or body parts made from chocolate or marzipan.

Whatever your budget or skill level, there's a bit of culinary wizardry available to help keep your party alive and make your meals magical. All it takes is a little planning and an appetite for fun.


Basic Cake Balls Recipe

Makes: 4 dozen cake balls

1 box cake mix (do not use pudding mixes or extra moist), any flavor

1 16 oz can of frosting (do not used whipped frostings), choose a flavor that complements the cake

Candy coating, choose dark for dark cakes and white for pale cakes.


Bake the cake mix in a greased 9" x 13" baking pan according to package instructions. Cool. Once cooled, crumble cake into a large bowl. Spoon 3/4s of the frosting (the remaining frosting will not be used) into the cake crumbles. Stir until well combined. The frosting should disappear into the cake crumbs.

At this point, scoop up a tablespoon portion of mixture and form into a 1-1/2" ball. Cake balls should be a one bite creation no more than two bites at the most. Set it on the work surface for a few minutes. If the ball flattens significantly then add additional cake crumbs (good to buy a couple cupcakes just in case you need them). If the ball is difficult to form or won't hold together, use a bit more of the leftover frosting just until a ball holds together but does not flatten or ooze. Form balls then place on a parchment paper line baking sheet. Cover and chill for several hours in the refrigerator.

Melt candy coating according to directions. Using a deep bowl makes dipping much easier. Dip one ball at a time. Spoon the coating over the top of the ball. Do not swirl the ball through the coating or repeatedly dunk it. Doing so will cause the ball to disintegrate ruining your coating in the process. Set each dipped ball on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.

NOTE: A 9" x 13" cake cut into quarters will yield 1 dozen cake balls per quarter. Adjust cake and frosting according to your needs.


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