LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- From the beginning, the trial of accused serial killer William Clyde Gibson has been both graphic and emotional.  Wednesday morning may have been the most difficult yet for the victim's family.

The prosecution presented video and photographs of the crime scene.  The jury saw video and photographs an Indiana State Police detective, Sgt. Bill Wibbels, who was the lead crime scene technician on the case, took at the scene.  Those images were taken at Gibson's home on April 19 of last year after the body of 75-year-old Christine Whitis was found.

The video showed graphic images of the twisted body of Whitis.  She was lying face-down in a pool of blood in Gibson's garage.

When asked his first impressions, Wibbels called it, "unbelievable" and "unnatural."  He said it was like seeing your grandmother.

Gibson did not appear to react as the images were shown, but one could hear members of the Whitis family quietly sobbing.  Members of the jury also appeared stunned.

Floyd Co. Prosecutor Keith Henderson said, "This is an emotional case because there's just so much evidence.  The type of evidence that it is, it tends to elicit that kind of emotion -- very difficult for the jurors, very difficult for all the parties involved, that one person's actions can affect many, many people."

The prosecution also showed other evidence collected from the scene -- the bloody knife apparently used to cut of Whitis' breast, duct tape prosecutors believe was used to bind her, and buttons and a bra clasp found in Gibson's living room, indicating the victim's clothes had been ripped off.

The family had been warned that the images would be shown.  Henderson said the evidence was meant to show just how terrible the crime was.

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