LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville middle school student says he was bullied for his perceived sexual orientation at two JCPS middle schools. The school district says it has done everything in its power to protect the teen, and it believes a recent protection order filed in court would be impossible to fulfill.

Represented by a well recognized anti-bullying attorney, a Louisville teenager--who wishes to remain unnamed--told WDRB about the relentless harassment he claims he is victim to at school.

Court documents claim the teenager was bullied, harassed, threatened physical harm, and humiliated. An affidavit also lists a number of gay slurs other students directed at him.

The 13-year-old's mother hired attorney Ted Gordon to represent her family after she said the school didn't adequately protect her son. Gordon has since filed a order for protection in Jefferson County Circuit Court. Gordon is asking a judge to order JCPS to protect the student from all harassment.

In a response filed in circuit court, JCPS said they've done everything from changing the teen's schedule, occasionally escorting him around school, and sending a school counselor to cheer practice to monitor any possible bullying.

The district also said it held meetings between the parents of the victim and the alleged bullies, after which all parties seemed to be happy with the results.

In its response, JCPS asked the judge not to get involved with the case. The district says in order to fulfill the protection order the student would have to be accompanied at all times, something they call "impractical".

The case will go before a judge Friday October 25.

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