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Floyd County running out of time to adopt a budget

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NEW ALBANY, In (WDRB) -- On Thursday night, facing a room full of disgruntled county employees, Floyd County Council members scrambled to find their way to a balanced budget.

"We've got a deficit of $3.6 million and with all the cuts we're looking for maybe an additional $2 million in savings," Council President John Schellenberger told WDRB.

Schellenberger and his council decided laying off employees or raising taxes are not options at this point.

"I have a real hard time asking the taxpayers to give us more of their money when we've done a poor job managing what they've already given us," said Jim Wathen, council member.

Instead, they voted to cut 25% in "selective services" but council members couldn't elaborate on what services that would be.

They also voted to put in place a hiring freeze, effective immediately.

That means if someone retires or quits, they won't be replaced.

Seasonal employees are an exception.

Other exceptions will be considered case by case.

Council member Dana Fendley says it was a combination of things that caused Floyd County to get behind.

"The tax caps, the trials started and then we had to have new voting machines. Then we had to move the people out of the annex out here. It's the perfect storm of expenses, none of which could have been avoided," Fendley told WDRB.

"Camm trial and Gibson trial are costing us $4.5 and $5.5 million dollars," said Schellenberger.

But county employee Cheryl Mills says the reason for the shortfall is on the shoulders of the council.

"They have overspent. frivolously, purchasing of buildings, remodeling of buildings and the whole time they've neglected giving us any type of a raise."

WDRB asked Mills what the best case scenario would be.

"That they not lay off anybody and they give me a raise because I'm not going to be happy with anything else and I don't think anyone else is either," she said.

A committee was formed Thursday to oversee the "selling of assets", meaning they're going to try to sell some buildings and move offices around to make money.

A meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday at 6 p.m.

They must adopt a budget then, as their deadline is November 1st.

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