LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- David Camm will likely stand trial a fourth time.  This time it's not his freedom on the line -- it's over what his murdered wife and children left behind. 

Nick Stein, the attorney for Kim Camm's parents, explains, "As they said to me, they lost their family 13 years ago, but yesterday they felt like Kim, Brad, and Jill lost justice in this case.  And I'm just speaking with you frankly here, they were devastated."

Despite that devastation, Frank and Janice Renn plan to move forward with four pending civil lawsuits against David Camm -- their now former son-in-law just acquitted of killing his family.

At stake -- $588,000 in insurance and estate money from the deaths of Kim, Brad, and Jill Camm.

Here's the breakdown according to Nick Stein:

  • Kim Camm had two separate insurance policies currently valued at $435,000.
  • Another $85,000 in her estate from 401K earnings.
  • The children have a combined $68,000 in their estates from life insurance, as well.

After being cleared Thursday of their murders, David Camm stands to collect it all.  As Stein puts it, "We say you cannot profit from your wrongdoing. You cannot kill the insured and claim the money."

One day into Camm's newfound freedom, there's no word on his location, though family members say he will begin readjusting to life.  Camm's uncle Sam Lockhart says, "He has been damaged mentally and physically. He has been abused by the system."

Some of the money could be used to repay Lockhart.  Camm's uncle mortgaged his home to personally fund more than $100,000 in his defense.  "It was emotional for him and me," Lockhart says.  "We just looked at each other and he said, thank you, and I said we did it."

Stein admits David Camm walking free makes the Renn's case much harder to win.  But the rules from a criminal to civil case are different, meaning David's affairs and his daughter's alleged sexual assault may come into play.

Three cases are pending in Floyd County courts, with another in federal court.

Renn family attorney Nick Stein says they will likely all be rolled into one trial and come down to one thing:  "We have to prove he killed his wife and kids....He can't say I'm sorry, I take the Fifth Amendment.  No, he doesn't have that anymore. He has been acquitted. We will call him to the stand in our case and I think that might make a big difference."

Stein explains, "We have to prove that he did it more likely than not. Like a coin flip, did he or didn't he. It's not like beyond all reasonable doubt, each and every element. We don't have to go that far."

Whatever the outcome, Stein says, "This is the last bit of the Camm, Lockhart, Renn story that needs to wrap up."

There are no dates set yet for those pending civil cases.

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