LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- In recent years, it's been called the most haunted neighborhood in the country. There's a lot of history in Old Louisville.

"The fact that we've got so many old homes lends the neighborhood to being haunted, they say and a lot of things have happened in these homes," said local author, David Domine.

People living in the area say you can't go more than half a block down the street without encountering at least one haunting.

Domine said, "I've documented 100 cases of allegedly true hauntings in the neighborhood."

That's what brought us to the Conrad-Caldwell House.

"I think all of us have gotten into the habit of saying hello when we come in the morning because we know we're not alone," said Allison Wroblewski, executive director of the Conrad-Caldwell House Museum.

The St. James Court Association shares the home with previous owners. Theophilus Conrad built this house in the 1890s. He only enjoyed it for 10 years before he died.

"He was walking up the back stairs to his office one day and supposedly had a heart attack and died on the stairs," said Domine.

He was the king of his castle, a strict man who still scolds people for not following the rules of the house.

Domine said, "They'll find themselves alone and then all of a sudden a strange form materializes before them and it seems to be a short man with a goatee and a mustache and a hat and just sort of lifts his finger and shakes it to say you shouldn't be doing this and then he sort of disappears."

The second homeowners, Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell, also visit the home. There are many reports of different smells on each floor. In this room, perfume fills the air, thought to be that of Elaine Caldwell.

"Mr. Caldwell really liked this library and people have seen images of him supposedly in this library a lot of times they'll smell cigar smoke," said Domine.

But employees say there's no reason to be scared, the spirits they works with have good intentions.

"Anything that is here it's all wonderful, happy spirits that have wonderful memories that have just come back to the house because they've enjoyed their time here," said Wroblewski.

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