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POV | Jurich's Loyalty is a Big Statement (10/29/13)

You have to admit, Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich's decision to keep assistant football coach Clint Hurtt on U of L's payroll after being found guilty of several NCAA recruiting infractions at Miami was a gutsy move. But it may well prove to be the correct one.

First, let's remember that both Hurtt and Louisville have suffered consequences for his actions. The salary freeze imposed by the NCAA will cost Hurtt many thousands of dollars he likely would have received over the next three years. And the restrictions placed on his recruiting activities will put the Cards at a disadvantage till next year.  A price is being paid.

But it's worth noting that by keeping Hurtt on board, Jurich is inviting an unprecedented level of future NCAA scrutiny of his program.  Since from here on out, the slightest infraction by Louisville will have the potential of wiping out years of progress, this move represents the ultimate declaration by Jurich that his program really is squeaky clean.  If there was anything to hide whatsoever, he'd never volunteer to be put under such a microscope. Let's face it -- keeping Hurtt was not the action of a man with a guilty conscience.

Tom Jurich has a reputation for loyalty to his coaches.  And this is the biggest example of that loyalty so far.  Hurtt's main responsibility now is to make sure it's justified.

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I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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