LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Clarksville Police say between six and seven customers a day were coming in and out a pair's apartment.

Police say the couple used the oldest profession in the book to make the money.

The woman, Chanda Hicks, admitted to police about prostitution and the man, Tyrone Goodman, admitted he was her pimp.

Captain Darrell Rayborn says officers initially went to the couple's apartment because of complaints from neighbors.

Rayborn says an officer who works security at the apartment complex was notified by other neighbors complaining and then notified uniformed officers.

Police don't want us to identify the apartment complex because of ongoing investigations, but WDRB News did find out what started the complaints.

Neighbors were complaining about smelling the scent of marijuana.

And once inside, police say an opened laptop computer uncovered the family business.

Rayborn says when police went into the apartment, they noticed a laptop screen that had a record of the prostitution.

And now both Hicks and Goodman are facing felony charges.

Hicks faces charges including prostitution and possession of marijuana while Goodman faces charges of possession of marijuana and promoting prostitution.

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