LOUISVILLE, KY (WDRB) -- If you are a Baby Boomer, and even if you are not, but have a passion for travel, there is a new website that may interest you.

It was created by a Louisville entrepreneur who herself likes to travel.  Liz Dahl is the founder of Boomer Travel Patrol along with a local IT specialist.

She says there are 78 million baby boomers in the United States who spend a total of $157 billion a year on travel.

Whether they go by air or any other means of transportation, travel is said to be the number one leisure activity of the Boomers, those people born between 1946 and 1964, many of whom have lots of money to spend.

But the boomer demographic is often ignored by advertisers.  "We like to find out about different types of travel," says Dahl, "and I am trying to cater to those people and give them options that they may not necessarily see in the traditional advertising formats."

Dahl, who once worked as a travel agent, says the website has a variety of articles from boomers with travel backgrounds.

Users of the website are also invited to share their travel experiences.

Boomer Travel Patrol is easy to navigate.  Dahl explains how one part of her website works: "When you click on destinations, for example, the map of the world pops up and underneath the map of the world are all the continents, and when you click on a continent every country on that continent pops up and there are enormous amounts of information from videos, to geography, to history, places to stay, nightlife, all of it pops up for every country in the world."

Dahl hopes to fund her website with advertising which caters to Baby Boomers.

You can check out the Boomer Travel Patrol by going to www.boomertravelpatrol.com.