JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Senseless vandalism -- or Jeffersonville's crack at becoming art chic?

Whatever you call it, there's no missing the newest additions around town. Right now in Jeffersonville, you'll find art in some pretty unusual places.

That includes signal boxes holding the electronics that control the lights in Jeffersonville's intersections. The city paid for 11 of them -- $300 a piece.

And Shane Corbin is not only the city's director of planning and zoning -- he's also the creator of some of the artwork.

"It was very crusty and decrepit looking, and I had this idea in my mind that it was a Pac man," Corbin said. "Its been a big hit with the kids." Corbin designed one of the signal boxes with a Pac man motif.

Meanwhile, Citypride, Jeffersonville's volunteer beautification team, has also unveiled an unusual idea.

"We saw a picture of a bike that was chained to a telephone pole in California and it had been sitting there a few days and somebody went by and spray painted on it and put a flower pot in the basket, and we said, 'Well, wait a minute,'" said Peggy Duffy, a Citypride volunteer.

And now replicas are bolted to the ground on seven Jeffersonville streetcorners.

When we polled the public for opinions, passersby called the artwork "unique" and "colorful," but some neighbors are not quite sure what to make of it yet.

"Beautiful I guess...I don't know," said one neighbor.

The idea here is to stir more than conversation.

"What we're finding out more and more is art and culture is also an economic development tool," Corbin said.

The bicycles will only be out through Thanksgiving due to the weather. Volunteers will replace them next spring.

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