SHELBYVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's usually around this time of year that the night terrors return for Katherine Nichols. Saturday will mark the fifth anniversary of her brother Jim Duckett's brutal murder - a crime that still remains unsolved.

"This week I'll cry a lot. I'll cry a lot," Nichols said.

During a lengthy exclusive interview with WDRB News, Nichols said Kentucky State Police detectives have interviewed persons of interest but have yet to make any arrests. She hopes an increase in a reward fund from $10,000 to $25,000 will help spur new information and lead to concrete evidence.

Duckett's body was found bound to a chair, his throat slit in his Shelby County home in November of 2008. Over the years, detectives have released few details to the public -- including a grainy photo of someone using Duckett's ATM card after the murder. Duckett's truck was also stolen and later recovered.

"I want this solved. I want these people off the street. I want justice for my brother. I'd like to move on with my life," Nichols said.

Five years of anguish, sadness and frustration are coupled with Katherine's continued push for answers. She believes those responsible for her brother's murder knew him personally, and stole a personal of item of Duckett's as a trophy of sorts.

"To find him tied to a chair and brutally tortured. I told you the other things they did to him and to have his throat slit and the look on his face. And not only did I lose Jim - I lost me. My children lost me and my husband lost me. And I'm not the same person," Katherine Nichols said fighting back tears.

Katherine says her work on a statewide board for homicide victims is helping her cope, but she fears the people responsible have long since left the Shelbyville area.

"These people owe what they did to Jim and they owe what they did to me. So it's personal in all ways.... I'm not stopping," Nichols said referring to her persistence in pressing detectives for information.

Kentucky State Police did not respond to WDRB News' calls for comment before news time.

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