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Home Depot shows how to clean, inspect and upgrade gutters

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Climbing on the roof to clean out the gutters can be a chore of the past. The Home Depot's Scott Krueger and Joe Autry clean, inspect and upgrade your gutter system.

Installing Liners and Maintaining Gutters

A gutter liner is a tough synthetic material that can be used to repair small holes and to prolong the life of your gutters. They also offer a vapor barrier and can be made into many shapes and sizes. However, if you are installing a long section of gutter, you'll need some time to move ladders and get yourself into position. Always work carefully and use a spotter to brace your ladder.

Installing gutter liners

Cut a section of gutter liner material to the desired length (cut it long enough to fill the entire run, if possible). For narrow gutters, you'll need to trim the liner to the proper width as well. Slip the liner below the hangers, forming a continuous trough.

Attach downspout adapters and end caps or corner pieces, following the manufacturer's instructions. Connections are usually made with a special adhesive/caulk that the manufacturer provides with the liner.

Repairing leaky gutters

Begin by cleaning the area around the leak with a wire brush and water. After the area has dried, scrub it with an abrasive pad.

Apply plastic roofing cement over the leak and feather it out on the surrounding area to flatten any steep edges in the repair.

If the leaks are larger than nail holes, use tin snips to cut a strip of flashing (the same material as the gutter) wide enough to fill the area. Bend the strip to fit and embed the flashing in the cement. Feather out cement around the edges of the repair

Tools and Materials

Abrasive pad

Adhesive caulk

Caulk gun

Galvanized flashing for patches

Gutter liner

Plastic roofing cement

Putty knife


Tin snips

Wire brush

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