LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two Louisville men have been arrested after police say they were found with a 100-gallon tank containing stolen diesel fuel.

According to arrest reports, the incident took place just after midnight on Tuesday at a construction site on S. English Station Road, near Christian Academy of Louisville.

Police say they saw a red Ford F150 at the site with its lights off. Inside the vehicle were two men: 45-year-old Hemeregildo R. Gonzalez and 47-year-old Jose Gonzalez, according to arrest reports.

The vehicle, police say, was parked next to a commercial tanker truck that carries fuel. The suspects' vehicle was stolen, according to police, and its license plate belonged to a 2001 Audi A4.

Hemeregildo Gonzalez allegedly told police that the truck belonged to Alex Body Shop, his place of employment. Police say there was a 100-gallon tank in the truck bed, with a heavy grey tarp around it "to hide what was inside."

When police opened the container, they could see a few gallons of red diesel fuel, according to the arrest reports. Police say they also found hoses and two electrical pumps in the truck bed.

The commercial fuel truck the men were parked next to had been tampered with, according to the reports, with all exterior doors used to house tools "and various items needed to pump fuel" open. The main filling access door on top of the truck was also open, police say.

Hemeregildo Gonzalez allegedly told police the 100-gallon tank was used to transport water.

Police say they also found two straws with white residue inside them in Jose Gonzalez's jacket pocket, along with a baggie of suspected cocaine outside the passenger door, where he was sitting.

Both men were arrested and charged with receipt of stolen property and theft of unlawful taking of gasoline.

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