HIKES POINT, Ky. (WDRB) -- They cleaned up at a local laundromat, but they didn't leave squeaky clean.

The suspects thought they were cleaning out a Hikes Point laundromat, but police say their hands were filthy.  

And it was all caught on camera.  In fact, it is about as 'caught red-handed' as it gets.

The suspects walk into a laundromat at the Hikes Lane Apartments and go right for what they thought was the camera.

The man tries to hide his face while the woman climbs on top of a table and covers the fake camera -- you can even hear their conversation.

"Oh yeah, 'cause he's telling her to cover up the camera and the whole time it's video taping their conversation and what they're doing," said LMPD Detective Debbie Minniear. 

Police say the suspects are Daniel Kiser and his daughter, Christina Kiser. One of the suspects is the lookout while the other empties the machines.

"Maybe he had this profession before and kept a key because it looked as if he had put a key in -- he didn't break anything open, just used a key and popped all of the money out," said Det. Minniear.

And they never suspect cameras are catching and recording their every move. Daniel Kiser even appears consider taking a crack at the change machine.

Det. Minniear says the suspects got away with more than $800 in quarters.

"We brought him back to the division and spoke with him and he had a baggy full of quarters on him."

And you could say that part just about made it comical for police.

In fact, Minniear admits, "I did laugh."

Laughed, and then even gave this father-daughter team a nickname.

"They are the quarter bandits," said Minniear.

All jokes aside, both police and the people who operate the laundromat are happy to know this father-daughter team won't be doing any more cleaning up here.

"The manager was very happy, she was excited."

Both suspects are charged with theft by unlawful taking from a coin machine.  And police suspect they've hit several local laundromats. 

Anyone with information about the two should contact Metro Police at 574-LMPD.

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