LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say a Louisville man is facing misdemeanor charges after two of his dogs starved to death.

According to an arrest warrant, the dogs were found on July 26.

Police say the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office visited a residence where an individual had recently been evicted. According to the arrest warrant, officers at the home found 11 animals in "emaciated condition" that belonged to the unnamed accomplice.

They also allegedly found two dead dogs belonging to 25-year-old Antwon N. Rondo.

Police say the dogs had been locked in cages, had no food or water, and "had been deceased so long that necropsy [an autopsy for animals] was not possible."

Rondo was charged with two counts of failing to provide necessities, and a warrant was issued for his arrest on Aug. 5. He was taken into custody Thursday at the Franklin County courthouse by members of the Franklin County Sheriff's Department.

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