Okolona, Ky. (WDRB) -- Benji returns. You may remember the old movie, but another Benji -- named after that character -- has returned to his homeowner in Okolona after being lost for two years.

He was found after his picture was posted and shared on Facebook.

Benji's Owner Tommy Willett says, "It's like you lose your best friend and you got your best friend back, very heartwarming, love that little dog to death."

Willett calls his mixed-breed terrier an escape artist. He adopted the rescue dog. Little did he know, his dog would need to be rescued once again. But where he's been is a mystery.

Almost two years ago to the day, Willett took out Benji to go to the bathroom late at night.  He usually would just go and come back, but instead he took off.

Willett says, "Looked for about a month and finally just sort of gave up, didn't think he'd ever come back."

But while searching Facebook, he ran across a picture of Benji.  After someone asked if anyone recognized the dog, it was shared over and over again.

Benji had left his home in Okolona in November of 2011, but was found about 16 miles away Thursday in West Point, Kentucky. It would've taken a human more than five hours to walk that distance going a direct route.

Willett says he has no idea how Benji ended up there, but says, "It's unbelievable, somebody might have picked him up and dropped him off, you never know. Somebody has taken a little care of him because he's pretty healthy."

After searching again, Willett says he found Benji at City Hall in West Point.  He was put in a cage waiting for Animal Control to pick him up. Later, Willett says he had to pick him up from Animal Control in Elizabethtown and show paperwork that he owned that dog. 

Willett describes how Benji was acting: "At first, he was a little nervous. He had been out in the rain. He was shaking and he was cold. He was miserable with the fleas on him."

All cleaned up now, Willett says Benji has changed a bit in two years. Instead of taking off running all the time, he no longer wants to run, but instead is always by Willett's side.

Willett says, "He just follows me around everywhere I go. "

Benji was headed to the vet Friday afternoon.  He's getting a new ID tag and will be micro-chipped.

Willett estimates Benji is about eight years old. Since he was adopted, he says the Humane Society wasn't sure of his exact age.

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