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McConnell focusing his re-election campaign on Obamacare

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A "monstrosity" that's going to "crush" Kentucky's budget. That's what Sen. Mitch McConnell says about the Affordable Care Act.

McConnell used a news conference in Louisville to focus his re-election campaign on Obamacare and those who support it.

It was a news conference in which McConnell would only answer questions about Obamacare.  It comes as he is under attack by the far right for not doing enough to stop it.  "Anything short of full repeal, leaves us with this monstrosity," said McConnell.

McConnell came out firing against Obamacare, as a group called the "Senate Conservatives Fund" has launched an ad campaign blaming McConnell for not working to defund it.

"Let me make it very clear. This thing is a disaster for the country. Needs to be pulled out root and branch. We need to start over. It's a huge mistake. That's how I feel about it," said McConnell.

And as for the President's apology to those whose insurance policies have been canceled: "I think it's a little late for an apology," said McConnell. "What the American people would like is a little action here; to get rid of this thing and to start over."

Kentucky has been seen as a model for its smooth rollout of the Affordable Care Act.

But McConnell believes it will eventually crush the state budget since a majority of those who have enrolled through the state exchange have signed up for Medicaid.

"The chances that the federal government is going to pick up the tab for the newly eligible Medicaid people long-term is zero. Which means that the next governor, whoever that may be, is going to be stuck with a huge, huge problem," he said.

And McConnell also challenged Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes for her position on Obamacare. Last week in Louisville, she said parts of the law need to be fixed.

"I have previously called upon Congress to make sure we are extending the enrollment deadline as well as delaying the individual mandate," said Grimes.

"Are you for or against getting rid of it? That's the point here," said McConnell. "No amount of cosmetic changes around the edge are going to fix it. It isn't fixable."

The Grimes campaign called the news conference "incoherent and combative."

All this comes as a new poll by the liberal group "" shows McConnell and Grimes tied at 37%.

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