LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Seven Kroger stores in the area are under renovation.  Behind walls, dirt is being moved out and Kroger is adding 33,000 square feet to its Hikes Point Store at McMahon Plaza.

When it's finished, it will be the largest Kroger in Louisville with nearly 112,000 square feet of food and products.

Prospect and Springhurst stores are also undergoing renovations, as well as locations in Shepherdsville, LaGrange, the Highlands, and downtown.

Tim McGurk, a Kroger spokesman, says, "Some stores are getting the Murray's Cheese, which is a real high-end cheese all from New York City. We're excited about that. We're getting great feedback from our customers. The focus of all of the remodels, though, is expanding meat, produce, and deli."

The organic food section will also be larger in the stores. At the seven stores, Kroger says it's spending $70 million on the improvements in a 12 to 18 month time frame, creating 500 new jobs.

Shopper Kelly Kirk says she's excited about the remodel, but is having a hard time finding things that have been temporarily moved.  Kirk says, "It's definitely hectic. Like I said, everyone who works here is very helpful."

The McMahan store is also green. Old tiles are replaced with a stained concrete floor that take less chemicals to keep it clean.

McGurk says, "You can see the skylights up above us. They have light sensors so when there's enough natural sunlight, the lights will turn off. We have motion sensors through store. If no one is in the frozen food aisle, the lights in those cases will turn off." They'll turn back on when a customer comes past.

The loud construction work is saved for the evenings for fewer disruptions. Workers say it will all be worth it when it's finished.

Roger Vonnahme, the Remodel Coordinator, says, "Here is a real busy pharmacy. We added another drive-thru for the pharmacy and made the pharmacy bigger, expanded frozen food and dairy dept."

Kirk says, "I think the garden center will be really cool."

The McMahon store is expected to be finished by May of next year. That project is just over $15 million.

The Prospect and Springhurst locations are expected to be finished before that, possibly by February.

The Prospect store is adding nearly 43,000 square feet. Its gas station is expected to open in late January and there will be a drive-thru pharmacy at that store.

The Springhurst store is adding 28,000 square feet.

In LaGrange, a wine and spirit shop was added.

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