LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The centerpiece for Louisville's holiday celebration arrived in downtown Friday afternoon.

The 25-foot blue spruce will be the Christmas tree for Light Up Louisville.  It was cut down in the morning at a home on Eagle Ridge Place, put onto a truck, and taken on a slow ride downtown.

A crane lifted it into place.  It will now be decorated and will light up the day after Thanksgiving. 

The tree was donated by the Wessel family.  Julie Kredens with Louisville Metro Parks & Recreation explains, "This family had contacted the city and they had a tree that was beautiful and it was starting to encroach on the yard a bit, as they do, and just thought, hmm, we wonder if this has potential, and it did."

Louisville will have two Christmas trees this year.  The second tree was cut down and went up at 4th and Liberty Streets on Thursday.

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