LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say a Louisville woman beat up elderly women and then robbed them.  The suspect is 27-year-old Demesha Hicks.  She is locked up at Metro Corrections.

Police say she followed the victims home from grocery stores.  But while they may have been elderly, they refused to go down without a fight.

"I called her a dirty bit**, and then I turned around and said, oh, you wouldn't even make a dirty bit**," says Donna Woods, who is a beating and robbery victim.

Those are pretty strong words coming from an 82-year-old.  Woods says they were directed at the person who injured her arm.  "She fractured it when she threw me from the steps to the basket out in the yard," explains Woods.

It happened on Monday.  Police say Hicks attacked Woods and at least three other elderly women.

"I noticed her when she got a hold of me.  She was right on me before I could do any...but I couldn't do anything 'cause I don't walk too steady," says Woods.

Metro Police say Hicks found her victims at local grocery stores.  "She would drive around the parking lot, looking for a victim that fit was she was looking for, which would be an elderly female, easy target purse," says Det. Aaron Tinelli.

Police say once Hicks identified her victims, she followed them home from the store and then attacked.

Tinelli explains, "Once they got to their home and they exited their vehicle, she was rushing up to them, knocking them down, beating them and then taking their purse."

Detective Tinelli arrested Hicks on Tuesday and says images from surveillance videos at some of the stores helped them identify her, and she eventually confessed to the crimes.  He says, "We asked her why she did it and she told us it was just the hardest year of her life and she had a very difficult time."

"I was happy, I was very happy," says Woods, who is relieved that Hicks is off the streets.  "Oh yeah, I hope they put her under the jail."

Police say Hicks got away with only a small amount of money, and say there could be more victims out there.

Anyone else who was attacked should call the anonymous police tip line at 574-LMPD.

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