LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A North Bullitt High School physical education teacher is going the extra mile to help a special group of students with more than just exercise. Sterling Riggs reveals an adaptive learning program that's rare in the Commonwealth.

At first glance, Janna Johnson's physical education class at North Bullitt High School looks just like any other gym class. But in this baseball game, it's not all about skill, hitting home runs or keeping score. It's just about being involved in the game.

Johnson's gym class is one of the few in the Louisville area specifically for students with moderate to severe disabilities. In the past, these students would be placed in regular gym classes with upwards of 60 kids.

The MSD students would often sit out for safety reasons. That's not the case anymore. In this game, everyone's included. "A lot of these students are in the classroom the majority of the day. Several of them only come out for this class," said Johnson.

Johnson discovered a similar class at Fern Creek High School two years ago and decided that she needed a specialty class a North Bullitt. The MSD students are paired with student mentors. It's a privilege for non MSD students to be involved. They have to signup for the class and accepted as mentors.

A look around the class shows just how special of a bond the students build. Here, every student is a superstar: accepted for who they are and their skills.



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