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Floyd County workers question need for additional Gibson murder trials

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Accused serial killer William Clyde Gibson may not see a second and third murder trial.

Floyd County Councilman Tom Pickett told WDRB Monday that William Clyde Gibson is willing to accept a plead deal for two life sentences for the murders of Stephanie Kirk and Karen Hodella. A jury has already ordered the accused serial killer to die for the rape and murder of 75 year old Christine Whitis.

Some county workers are critical of Floyd County taking Gibson through two more murder trials when leaders are considering layoffs to fill a hole in next year's budget. Deputy Assessor Cheryl Mills said, "Is he really going to serve that much more time with two more death penalties? I feel for the victims and their families but still it's a concern." Mills said moral in the assessor office is low. Not only are some concerned for their jobs.They haven't seen raises in eight years and insurance costs are going up...meaning next year they'll actually make less. Mills said, " My time (32 years working for Floyd County) is in but the younger people who want to come in here and make this a career and do a good job can't make it if we don't move forward. "

A plea deal in the Gibson case would only shore up a small portion of 2.9 million needed to fix the hole in next year's budget. Pickett said, "You could probably save some money there but to the ones that lost their loved ones my heart goes out to them." The Floyd County Council is also considering the sale of some vacant or nearly vacant county owned properties for a temporary fix. Pickett said, "I'm not really for layoffs or raising taxes or any of that kind of thing. It is what it is and it's a bad predicament to be in."

Stephanie Kirk's sister, Delana Dean said the family hasn't been notified of a Gibson plea. "He's responsible for her (Kirk's) death. I want to say yes Gibson killed my sister and I want him sentenced for that." Dean said, "He's already in there and he's going to get his and he's not out here hurting anyone else so I believe that's fine with me."

Estimates are the first trial cost Floyd County around $275,000. County Prosecutor Keith Henderson will not confirm to WDRB whether a deal has been offered. A spokesperson from the Floyd County Attorney's office said Henderson will address the remaining murder cases after Gibson is officially sentenced for Whitis' murder next Tuesday.

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