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WDRB Follow up: illegal dumping in Fairdale

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FAIRDALE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two weeks ago, WDRB looked into an illegal dumping problem in Fairdale.  In a follow up, Paige Quiggins went back to the site and spoke to city officials to explain why there's no visible progress.

Residents say not only has the problem not been cleaned up, it's gotten worse.  "Every day this is like trash day," said Chad Rypien.  He says more things have been added to the trail of trash in Fairdale along Glengarry Drive.

"Since you all have been here, there has been some new stuff placed back here and we are still waiting," Rypien said.

Metro Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch of District 13 said that illegal dumping is an issue throughout Louisville.  "Illegal dumping is a huge issue, especially in the suburban areas because we don't have regular junk pick ups," Welch said.

Welch said it's an issue that the council has been steadily combating in every district for the past two years.  City officials say after citing the private property owner, it's a waiting game.  They say it's up to the ones getting dumped on to get rid of the couches, construction materials, mattresses and other odds and ends left behind.

Councilwoman Welch says often times the dumpers are close to home.  "I would suspect that those people in the mobile home park are the ones doing this because they're the ones who are seeing this field and know that it's there," Welch said.

Welch said folks in other districts in the metro have caught their neighbors dumping in alleys.  City officials say property owners assured them it will be cleaned up by the end of the week.  Welch said punishment can take a while.  "There are other processes where they get a bigger fine, they will go into the court system," Welch said.  "We as a city cannot go onto private property unless it goes through the court system." 

Welch said catching the culprits is tricky.  "It's very frustrating to know that either the residents have to wait and catch someone dumping or a Louisville Metro police officer just has to randomly drive back here and see someone dumping back there," Rypien said. 

Welch said taking pictures can help punish the perpetrators.  She said she is waiting on a hidden camera she ordered to do just that.  City officials have said it has helped to deter the problem in the past.

"I have several locations that I will be putting that in on a rotating basis," Welch said.  Welch said she would not disclose where those locations are because the goal is to catch people red-handed.

Rypien said he is tired of the waiting game, but believes the camera will do some good.  "The camera is fine to put back there, it will catch people in the act, but what about the stuff that is already here?" Rypien said.

Welch said they can even get rid of getaway cars thanks to ordinances that have been put into place. Vehicles can be impounded for up to 12 months if the driver/dumper is caught in the act. 

There are legal ways to get rid of unwanted items such as furniture.  Some of those can even be donated.  For information on Metro Government junk pick up, click here.  For information on free donation pick-up, click here.  Some other organizations that can schedule a pick-up include

Cedar Lake Lodge and St. Vincent de Paul

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