JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- A Jeffersonville couple catches a pair of thieves in the act, and now they want the entire neighborhood to know about it.  Their solution -- what's being called the Tree of Shame.

The home on Webster Boulevard is receiving a lot of attention because of the surveillance images posted on a tree in front of the house, along with a plea, "Please help.  Have you seen these men?"

One picture shows two men residents say had no reason to be outside their home.  Following pictures show the pair taking a large piece of steel that the couple was using as a ramp on their driveway to keep their company van from "bottoming out."   

The owner of the home owns a security company, so the theft was captured from several different angles.  Kevin Sprow says, "We were both home, I was in and out from the house to the van and the door was open, and these guys come along in broad daylight and robbed something from my house that weighs a couple of hundred pounds.  It's more funny, I think, than anything else.  But these guys are up to no good, you know.  Our neighbors have been looking out for us, and for each other. So this, I think, is my self-proclaimed Tree of Shame."

Sprow added, "One gentleman talked to us for a little bit and said, 'Yeah, I think I know these guys, they're scrappers.'"

What they took would worth be less than five dollars.  Sprow says, "My neighbor caught some extended video of them walking down the road and they rested and went walking some more."

Police are investigating because they believe the same men could be involved in other thefts.

Jeffersonville Detective Isaac Parker says, "Somebody that would do something as brazen as take something from the front of the house in broad daylight would probably, if presented with a similar opportunity, take something else."

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