HILLVIEW, Ky (WDRB) -- Don Lloyd was the manager of the Preston Village Mobile Home Park in Hillview.

Police say in September 2012, Lloyd went to a home where Robert Lackas lived.

"He went there because he was upset over some stray cats that were in the area that Mr. Lackas was feeding. Mr. Lloyd who was the manager of the park was trying to keep it clean and went there to ask him to not feed the cats anymore," said Lt. Mike Murdoch with the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office.

That's when police say a verbal argument broke out.

Police say Lloyd claimed Lackas pushed him off the porch but Lackas said he never touched the manager.

The next day, Lackas changed his story, claiming Lloyd grabbed him and he responded by pushing him.

Lloyd died the following day from internal injuries.

Police believe the 57-year-old suspect had been running from them ever since.

Lackas was arrested this week in Orlando, Florida on a warrant for reckless homicide.

"We've been looking for him since April when the warrant was issued," said Lt. Murdoch.

"My dad was my hero. My best friend," Don Lloyd's daughter Marshia Woosley told WDRB.

Woosley says she's relieved Lackas has been arrested but it doesn't bring her dad back.

"It's been really hard just knowing someone caused injuries that caused his death and they were able to go on with their life even however it may have been and yet we didn't have my dad for the whole year," said Woosley.

Lackas is currently waiting extradition back to Kentucky face the charges.

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