LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville International Airport has a new way to move people through the security checkpoint faster. It's called the TSA Pre-check, and it's now available for local air travelers headed out of town for the busy Thanksgiving weekend.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, Pre-check allows frequent flyers of participating airlines and U.S. Customs and Border Protection trusted travelers to receive quicker screening benefits. But passengers first have to apply.

Eligible participants get to use dedicated TSA Pre-check lanes at participating airports for screening benefits. For instance, those who are eligible may no longer have to remove their shoes, the compliant liquids in your carry-on, laptop from bag, a light jacket and belt.

If the TSA determines you are eligible for this expedited screening, information is embedded in the barcode of your boarding pass, which will get you to the faster pre-check lanes.In Louisville, the participating airlines are: American, Delta, United, and U.S. Airways.  You can also buy into the U.S. Customs Trusted Traveler Program.

Also, if you have children, those 12 and under are allowed through Pre-check lanes with you.

The TSA is expected to launch its own program later on.

Frequent flyer Brenda Richardson tells WDRB News, "And what was really nice was, last week, I was kind of stressed getting to the airport late, and just that whole experience of not having to take extra time to take your shoes off and all of that, again, it just really, makes your day.  So it was not quite as stressful.

Travelers will still go through metal detectors and have to show their IDs twice.

Keep in mind that even with this program, TSA will still do random security checks at the airport, so no one is completely guaranteed this speedy screening. The new program is to prevent terrorists from gaming the system.

To learn more about applying, and about which other airports are participating, CLICK HERE

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