LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Mayor Greg Fischer says bells atop City Hall will ring for 60 seconds at 1:30 Friday to mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Mayor Fischer says this is just a small way to remember a man who was an inspiration to the country.

Most people who were alive when it happened remember the event as if it were yesterday.  We asked WDRB Facebook friends to share their experiences:

"I was at school," recalled Donna Payne. All of the teachers and older people where crying and all of us kids were not sure why. Then we were told what had happened and they let us go home. As I walked home people where standing in their yards talking and crying and when I got home my dad was watching the TV and that was all that was on for about 1 week if I remember right."

Terry Elmore Parrish was also in school.

"I was at school, St Columba in West Louisville, Ky. 3rd grade, when the principal made the first announcement that the President had been shot and we started praying," Parrish said. "A short time later she announced Kennedy was dead. We were dismissed a little early from school and I walked straight home to find my Mom very sad with the TV and radio on. Dad came home from work early and everybody was sad. I'll never forget that day."

Betsy Redmond Hearne says, "I wasn't even thought of yet. But what an awful day it was. With studying him I think he would've done America very proud as President if he could've been able to finish."

"I was in the first grade," Kim Davis said. "The news came on the intercom, and a child's world is much smaller than adult's. I saw an ambulance go past my school, and when I went home I told my mom that the President was shot and his ambulance went past my school."

The news made headlines across the globe.

"I was in Bad Nauheim, Germany and had a six-day-old baby," Marjorie Schickinger said. "No television, just radio. The German Army went on alert and our Army was on standby alert. Very scary."

Patti Peterson Willey says, "I was 7 years old and I was sick and home from school. I was laying on the sofa watching TV when then news came on. In our family, all of my aunts and uncles had a picture of President Kennedy on the wall like he was a member of the family."

Kent Stewart tells us, "I was only three at the time....At age 12, I visited Dallas and stood on the exact spot in the street where he was shot. I never will forget that experience. To me JFK will always be the greatest president in my lifetime."

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