LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The University of Louisville has received $2 million to advance adult stem cell research to treat heart disease.  The Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence donated two million dollars to help Dr. Roberto Bolli further his research to potentially help millions of people throughout the world.

The university also announced it's providing nearly $1 million in support of his groundbreaking work.

Bolli, a U of L professor of medicine, is recognized internationally as an innovative leader in the treatment of heart disease and heart failure.

U of L Exec. VP of Health Affairs Dr. David Dunn explains, "This will allow us to move beyond just FDA approved clinical trials, and into clinical practice. This is an absolutely stellar event in U of L's history."

Bolli and his team harvest cardiac stem cells from patients during coronary artery bypass surgery conducted at Jewish Hospital in Louisville.

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