MEADE COUNTY, Ky (WDRB) -- A week after a Meade County boy and his mother were killed in a double-murder suicide, the community turns to archery as a way to honor the young teen.

They're also showing support for his father, a Meade County Sheriff's deputy.

The young victim was on the archery team at his school and his friends and coaches say he never missed a practice.

Dozens of young people lined up to take their best shot but their target wasn't just the bulls eye.

It's to honor their teammate Tucker Wimpee who was killed in a double murder suicide just last week.

Police say the 13-year-old and his mother Ellen Cain were fatally gunned down in their Meade County home by Cain's boyfriend Warren Earle Tripp.

"When he was around, you knew it because of his smile," said Tim Parcell, Tucker's archery coach.

Parcell says Tucker spent most of his free time with a bow and arrow in his hands.

"He came to practices, he was eager to shoot, he paid attention and tried harder every day," said Parcell.

The proceeds from Saturday's tournament and a raffle at Flaherty Elementary School are going to help Tucker's dad, Meade County Sheriff's Deputy Philip Wimpee, cover funeral expenses.

Parcell says it's been hard for Tucker's peers to fully understand what happened to him, so they're coping by sharing their favorite memories of him.

"When we first listed Tucker on the roster, by mistake we listed him as a female instead of a male. I said you've got too much facial hair to be a girl. He laughed and thought that was funny," Parcell told WDRB.

"I'm starting to understand it better now," said Tucker's classmate Katrina Dougherty.

Dougherty says about two months ago, Tucker asked her to be his girlfriend.

"I said yes. Who wouldn't say yes?" she told WDRB.

Katrina now wears a necklace with Tucker's name on it.

She says what keeps her going is remembering his smile, his laugh and their memories.

"He was sweet. He would stand up for anybody. He was that type of person you wanted to be around," she said.

She says the last time she saw him was the day before the shootings.

"Thursday at archery we had a little competition. He sort of beat me. Before he left he whispered in my ear, I'll always love you. It's like he knew this was going to happen," said Dougherty.

There's a T-shirt fundraiser going on until December 2nd for Tucker. To order, contact the Meade County Archery Boosters.

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