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Caring for a real Christmas tree and keeping your family safe

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Thanksgiving is the time when many people break out the decorations and put up the Christmas tree. The Home Depot's Scott Krueger and Joe Autry brought along a special guest to show the best way to size a live tree, how to put it in a stand and how to keep it green through the holidays. They also explain the necessary steps to avoid a fire.

Choosing the right tree:

Whether you prefer the rich, natural color and aroma of a real holiday tree or the convenience and value of an artificial one, The Home Depot has you covered. You'll find a wide selection of real and artificial trees online and in our stores.

For more decorating merchandise and tips, check out the holiday decorations page and the Martha Stewart Living Holiday page.

Decide which tree option is best for you, then shop online or in store (some exclusions apply).


Why choose a real tree?

-Real trees are initially less expensive.

-Each tree is unique and different styles can be selected each year.

-Tree shopping can be a fun, family tradition.

-Real trees are biodegradable.

-Real Christmas trees are a renewable, recyclable and environmentally sound choice. For every acre of real

-Christmas trees we plant, enough oxygen is created to meet the needs of 18 people. For every single fresh Christmas tree we harvest, two more natural trees are planted.

-Real trees offer a refuge and natural habitat for wildlife.


Taking care of a real tree:

-Displaying trees in water in a traditional reservoir-type stand is the most effective way to maintain freshness and minimize needle loss.

-When you get the tree home, place it in water as soon as possible.

-Use a large tree stand to keep your tree from tipping.

-Don't whittle down sides of a tree trunk to fit a stand; the outer layers of wood are the most efficient in taking

up water and should not be removed.

-Keep displayed trees away from sources of heat to keep them from drying out.

-Consider using a small wire to anchor tree to a corner wall for stability.

-Check the stand daily to be sure the water level doesn't go below the base.

-Always turn off tree lights when leaving the house or going to bed.

-Recycle your tree after the holidays at The Home Depot.


Beware the fire hazard of a real tree!!

Keep your tree hydrated:

Keeping your tree hydrated helps minimized the chance of a fire. It might help to get a long funnel to make it easier to get water to your tree. The harder it is to get to the water tray, the less likely it is to be refilled.

Skip the candles:

Candles might look and smell pretty, but with all the plants and presents around it might be better to skip them for the holidays. You can use battery operated LED tea candles or votive candles. They can give off a strong light and flicker like real candles.

Basic Fire Safety:

Keep a working fire detector near your Christmas tree. Don't place it right above or in the tree. They go up so fast; the detector might not work in time. Make sure the batteries are functioning. Keep a fire extinguisher near your Christmas tree just in case.

Remember to turn off lights:

You can get a timer to turn your Christmas lights off when you go to bed or leave the house. You can also get an extension cord with a foot switch so you don't have crawl on the floor to unplug the lights.

Use the correct extension cords:

Use green extension cords when putting up lights outside. The old orange extension cords are not as safe. Remember, you don't want to connect several extension cords at once. That's one of the leading causes of fire.

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