LOUISVILLE, Ky.(WDRB) -- Karyn Moskowitz thinks about food all year, not just on Thanksgiving Day.  "My thoughts about Thanksgiving are that we should incorporate as much fresh local produce as possible," she says.

Moskowitz is the founder of New Roots, it is a non-profit organization that connects families with farmers, so the families can eat a healthy diet.

"A lot of families that we work with really prefer the taste of local food." she says. "It is good for our economy in Kentucky in that we are trying to transition away from a tobacco economy toward producing more food for us to eat, so we need to support our farmers."

Every couple of weeks New Roots sets up what it calls Fresh Stops, a sort of Farmer's Market, that are held at area churches or community centers.

"Fresh Stop is an event where people pool their money ahead of time," Moskowitz explains, "and then purchase produce from farmers who drop off the food, so each family can take a basket of fresh food home."

She started New Roots to address the lack of fresh produce in some Louisville neighborhoods.

It is the goal of the organization that every family in Louisville have access to fresh locally grown food to reduce diet related diseases and to have the opportunity for a longer life.

"We are trying to create a just and equitable food system where every one has the same access to local food," she says.

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