LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Feeding Louisville's homeless, shelters in our area are usually flooded with volunteers on Thanksgiving and around the holidays but what about the rest of the year?  Our Hidden Hero this month serves up compassion and friendship, along with warm clothes and hot food, every week of the year.

Off of Campbell Street in Butchertown a walk down some railroad tracks and into the woods and you'll find this tent community called Campbell Camp.  It's home, for several dozen homeless men like Larry and Mohawk.

Christen Herron, or "Tiny" as she's called, makes the trip out here every week bringing items necessary for survival as the weather turns colder.

"I think our community tosses people to the side too quick," said Herron.

This week, she also brings White Castle hamburgers and bottled water

That's somebody's parent, or child, or brother or sister and regardless of their past, they're a human being," she explained.  

Tiny also sets up shop every Wednesday at this parking lot near the Waterfront in Louisville where she hands out food.

"I met Tiny about four and a half years ago out here on the Waterfront when I myself was living on the streets

We asked David Smith how long he's been homeless.

"I've lived on the streets 7 years of my life," he told us.  

The daughter of a Louisville pastor, Tiny says helping others is something she was brought up doing.  She raises money and collects donations via Facebook.  Her giving heart is what moved her friend Tracey to nominate her for our WDRB Hidden Hero Award.  Tiny is a true hero, for not just caring but for taking action, regardless of the time of year.

"I can't do it all but I sure will die trying every day," said Herron.

To contact Herron about donations send her a message on her Facebook page.

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