JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- A last-minute extension is giving Jeffersonville boaters more time to move their homes.

Tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 30, was the deadline to vacate the Jeffersonville marina for about a half dozen people who live there year-round. The city is shutting it down, citing safety concerns.

Slip renters complained that they'd only been given three weeks of notice.

The decision came after Mayor Mike Moore's $2.2 million plan to renovate the marina was shot down by the city council.

This week, the Mayor told renters they could stay until Jan. 1.

One of the boaters affected is Brian Gordon. A walk onto the deck from Brian Gordon's bedroom -- on a boat -- reveals a pristine view of the city of Louisville and the Ohio River in all of its glory.

"This is one of the best places on the river in my opinion," Gordon said. "You try to appreciate it everyday, because not that many people get to witness it."

But Gordon's days of floating a double-decker houseboat along Jeffersonvile's banks are numbered.

"Last February, we received a letter from [the] parks department saying that by Nov. 30 of this year, we needed to make plans to vacate the marina," he explained.

He said the new extension provides little comfort.

"I absolutely feel like a pawn," said Gordon. "I've said that many times. I feel like a pawn in a political game."

Mayor Mike Moore says the docks are not safe.

"This is not a council vs. mayor issue," Moore said. "This is the company that's insuring the liability of the city saying we're not granting anything through March."

Gordon says only a few docks need work, and most appear well-maintained.

The city of Jeffersonville owns the marina and rents the slips to boaters.

"Unfortunately some egos have clashed, but in the end, I still want the new marina, the people of Jeff want it, and I think we're still going to make that happen," Moore said.

Turbulence may be calming. The mayor is talking to council members, and says they're reconsidering marina funding Monday night.

For now, Gordon has no choice but to enjoy the view -- while he still can.

"We come up here if we want to get away, read a book, get a sun tan," Gordon said.

"It is kind of the perfect spot, and we are going to miss it," he added. "It's going to be an incredible sacrifice after this."

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