LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Sterling Riggs swapped gigs with a group of employees at the Galt House Hotel who get into the holiday spirit every time they clock in.

It's customary to be greeted by a bellman when you visit the Galt House in downtown Louisville. A quick glance reveals there's something different this time of the year. The bellmen are dressed as toy soldiers to create a holiday atmosphere.

Cruise through the main lobby at 5 in the afternoon and you will find they are also talented dancers. Hundreds of people gather in the lobby to watch the holiday dance routine.

"The more the crowd gets into it, the more we feed off the energy. It makes you want to go that much harder and just try to do it your best. It's great for all the visitors who come in from out of town" says bellman Joe Woodcox.

Woodcox says the crew practices for two months with their dance teacher Sophia. "She's very likeable, but when it comes time to work and go about the business of learning to dance, she's very demanding. She makes you do the moves correctly makes sure they are sharp and crisp. She puts a lot of work into making us look the way we look."

It seems simple so I decided to give it go. It's pretty evident that I needed a lot more practice. The dance teacher did tell me that I gave great effort and I had potential.

The job may seem trivial, but it gets visitors into the holiday spirit. And to kids, it's a magical dance; one that they don't forget.

"I had a little boy tell me that he wants to be a dancing soldier when he grows up. It warms your heart a Christmas time" says Woodcox.

Visitors can catch the bellmen in action in the main lobby at the Galt House until December, 24th. For more information, CLICK HERE.




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