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POV | No to Cell Phones on Planes (12/2/13)

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The FCC is now studying a proposal that would allow unlimited use of cell phones on airplanes.  This is being considered because, as FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says, "Modern technologies can (now) deliver mobile services in the air safely and reliably."

Well, that may be true -- if by "safely" he means "the plane won't crash because of electronic interference."  But how safe will any plane be if people are yelling and confronting each other to shut up?

This is a terrible idea.  Commuter train systems in most large urban areas have already had to devote a large percentage of their space to "quiet cars," where people are banned from talking on cell phones. 

So, airlines representatives have said they'd probably implement "quiet sections" if this comes to pass.  But that would be about as effective as the "no smoking" areas on planes were back in the old days.

Can you imagine the misery of sitting next to a non-stop, loud talker on a cell phone for four or five hours on a cross-country flight?

It's bad enough that we are too often prisoners of our own technology without being forced to endure the technology of others in a confined environment.  Flying is already miserable enough without introducing yet another aggravating annoyance of this magnitude. Let's not add to the torture. 

The FCC is listening, so call and tell us whether or not you agree.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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