LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Money laundering, healthcare fraud and dishing out prescription drugs like candy; these are the allegations against a Louisville doctor now indicted by a federal grand jury.  A former patient tells us she almost died at the hands of Dr. George Kudmani.

"He said as long as I'm in practice you will never need pain medication...straight out."

Jennifer, who's still in poor health didn't want to be identified but she did want to share her horror story.   She claims Dr. George Kudmani performed her hysterectomy but nicked her bowel. She showed WDRB the large scar from her surgery.

"I've had to have four additional surgeries on my abdomen," says Jennifer.

The federal indictment comes after a year long investigation by the local police, the FBI, and DEA.

Martin Redd, Diversion Group Supervisor for the DEA Louisville District Office explained, " He was giving services not within his bounds or not for a legitimate medical needs."

His name's been stripped from his former office location in Valley Station.  The indictment alleges he would see on average more than  35 patients per day here between January of 2009 and September of 2012.  Patients would pay cash, which the doctor would pocket and without any kind of physical exam patients would be given a prescription for pain  pills including Oxycodone  and Hydrocodone.

"He was charged with 11 counts of prescribing controlled substances with not a legitimate medical need or necessity," says Redd.  

Jennifer says, "He was basically making people addicted to this medication."

The indictment also states Kudmani would perform medically unnecessary services and bill health care benefit programs for reimbursement. With the cash he was pocketing he even bought a new car.

"What he's allegedly done we take very serious," said Redd.

"I'm only one voice, one person and there may be several hundred that he's done this to," said Jennifer.

If the case goes to trial and if the doctor is convicted he faces a maximum penalty of 230 years in prison and a fine of $10.2 million.

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