LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It is one Louisville e-commerce operation where the "Help Wanted" sign is still out.

It may be the middle of the Christmas shopping season, but eBay Enterprise in the Jefferson Riverport in Southwest Louisville still needs about 200 seasonal workers.

"We do need workers," says eBay Enterprise CEO Chris Saridakis. "Actually we would love to fill this center with a few more hundred people during the next few days."

Saridakis and some of his management team are in Louisville this week to assist employees who are working overtime to get goods shipped out in time for Christmas.  "I'm here to help our team pick and pack boxes and fulfill orders for our customers," he says.

The online Christmas shopping season is off to a strong start and it is about to hit its peak.

E-Bay recently expanded in Louisville, investing $45 million for more warehouse space. The Louisville operation, which has 2,500 workers right now, runs online shopping sites for various brands like Bath and Body Works, Dick's Sporting Goods, Estee Lauder, and Pet Smart, according to Saridakis.

E-Bay needs more pickers, packers, shippers and supervisors like Patrika Barlow. She started as a seasonal worker but now is a full time supervisor.  "It's a busy time of year." says Barlow. "There are a lot of opportunities right now; this is the place to be, it's growing."

Pay starts at about $10 an hour.

In an uncertain economy it seems odd that these kinds of jobs go unfulfilled.

Says Saridakis, "This time of year it is very hard to find good, qualified workers who can show up every day, it is very competitive."

Saridakis says seasonal work can turn into permanent employment like it did for Barlow.

So what happens if e-Bay cannot find enough workers for the shopping season.

"If we don't get the workers we will be a little bit delayed in getting the orders out; of course everybody wants to get their packages before the holiday," answers Saridakis.

Anyone interested in applying for the e-Bay jobs can apply online at www.Adeccousa.com/worknow

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