LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's a program Louisville officials say is so effective that other cities are taking notice.  Area residents disagree.  They believe the city isn't cracking down hard enough on illegal dumps.

"People come and dump in fact the tires on the side here just ended up a few days ago," Anthony Marcum works at this plastic recycling business on 7th Street Road but for months and months it's become a trash dump for old tires.

"We find garbage out here all the time," said Marcum.

"Even though I live several blocks away it still devalues the property and the neighborhood," said David Mitchell, who doesn't appreciate the eyesore in his neighborhood and has alerted the city about the problem he says time and time again.

Employees who work at this business tell us they've tried to set up cameras to catch the people dumping off these tires but it seems those people end up stealing the security cameras

"The fines are too lenient," said Mitchell.  

"It starts at $250 dollars per incident," explained Metro Public Works spokesman Harold Adams.

The city argues they've helped to strengthen the illegal dumping ordinance. Cameras have been put up throughout the city and if someone is caught on camera it's not just a fine the person has to pay.  The car caught on camera can be impounded for up to a year.

"In addition to paying the fine they have to pay a storage fee on the vehicle a towing fee so it can get to be pretty pricey not to mention you don't have use of that vehicle," Adams explained.

The city says the program is working, and a number of vehicles have been impounded. In fact other cities are taking notice.  A team from Indianapolis made a stop in Louisville Thursday to check out the cameras and is considering a similar approach.

"It makes our job harder. It's costing Mr. Lucas fines. The city was here the other day saying he has to have this cleaned up by a certain period of time," said Marcum.

"It shouldn't be here regardless of whose neighborhood it is," said Adams.

The Department of Public Works says those who witness illegal dumping as it is happening should call 911 immediately. But those who see items dumped illegally after the fact, they should dial MetroCall at 311 to file a report.

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