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Guest Editorial - No Pipeline (12/5/13)

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In a recent Point of View, Bill Lawson of the Williams company spoke in favor of the Bluegrass pipeline, mentioning that Kentucky already has 12,000 miles of pipeline. He fails to mention that only 38 miles carry the hazardous liquids that the Williams company wants to move through Kentucky. A 2004 explosion in this 38-mile pipeline in Floyd County resulted in five homes being destroyed, 30 people being injured and evacuation within a mile radius because of a malfunctioning valve and corrosion in the four-inch pipeline. The Bluegrass Pipeline would be 24 inches wide.

Kentucky is just being used as a conduit to move these hazardous liquids from the Pennsylvania/West Virginia area to the Gulf Coast where they will be processed to be exported to other countries. These liquids will not make us "energy independent;" they are used primarily for making plastic products

Mr. Lawson failed to mention if the jobs are for people already working for Williams or if any would be given to local people. Any pipeline jobs would be temporary, but the jobs lost by railway, barge, and trucking workers -- put out of work by the pipeline -- would be permanent.

Any tax revenue received would not begin to pay for the contamination of our underground water supply if there were a leak. It is unimaginable what a disaster of this magnitude would do to our bourbon and horse industries.

And as for the safety of these pipelines, ask the people of West Virginia, Illinois, Colorado, Ohio, North Dakota and other states that have experienced pipeline ruptures, leaks and explosions.

I'm Mary Drake, and that's my Point of View.


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