LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- This can't be good. The New York Times reports this morning that a group of Kentucky mothers, bent on getting basketball scholarships for their sons, has teamed with a production company to try to sell a reality series.

"Real Basketball Moms of Kentucky."

It's as cringeworthy as it sounds. Which means it'll probably be picked up in about five minutes, particularly with the treatment it got today in the Times.

Among the group is a mother with a son at Eastern High School who has changed schools three times out of basketball concerns, and at least one other Louisville mother.

According to The Times: "It is unclear if the project will appear on the screen any time soon, but the producer Blaine Hopkins called the mothers perfectly suited to reality TV, describing them as 'hysterical, passionate, real and competitive.'"

Read the full account here, if you must.

A quick update. Heard from one of the mom's involved with the program this morning. Marie Byrne emailed: "Me and my family were interviewed several months ago for this show. The producers came here from Tennessee and we were all interviewed. As crazy at it may seem, I believe it will make a great entertaining show. While we are from New Albany, they included us in the segment. It may seem crazy, but crazy sells!"

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