LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Louisville's NuLu neighborhood has transformed over the last five years and prides itself on being "hyper local" but sources tell WDRB another project is in the works that most in NuLu aren't happy about.

Sources say a company is trying to buy the property across from Feeder's Supply at 300 Baxter and put in a Family Dollar.

Those in NuLu say there are better uses for the property.

The property on the eastern edge of NuLu has been for sale for four years.

"I did a quick Google search and found over 40 dollar stores in metro Louisville already," said Andrew Cornelius with the Butchertown Neighborhood Association.

Cornelius says a Family Dollar won't fit in the local, artsy neighborhood.

"I don't think it's anything against the organization, Family Dollar. It's just the area we're in right now. It's been completely revitalized by local businesses," said Cornelius.

The feeling is mutual among those that live, work and shop in NuLu.

"I'd much rather have 65 cents of my dollar come back to the community as opposed to 10 cents which is what you get with a chain store," said Dustin Yazell.

"It's going to be hard to get past the feeling of what this neighborhood is a kind of local, art driven neighborhood. All the businesses here are small and family owned," Peter Tower told WDRB.

But those residents admit the one thing the area is lacking is a dry goods store.

Dustin Yazell has lived in NuLu for over a year.

He currently has to drive about ten minutes to the nearest grocery store and says it would be nice to have something in walking distance.

"I don't drive a lot as it is so that would make a huge difference just to be able to go get little things. Not an entire grocery trip," he said.

"Family Dollar wouldn't be my personal choice but it would be nice to have something," added Tower, who works in NuLu.

Most say they like to see vacant buildings and lots being developed but don't think a chain store is the best use for the property.

"I would rather see a little deli/convenient mart be somewhere in the neighborhood. Somewhere you can get a cheap lunch and get a few necessity things," said Yazell.

The neighborhood association's members say they'll be discussing this on Thursday with the city.

And they've reached out to the CEO of Family Dollar to come for a visit.

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