BOSTON, Mass. (Fox News and WDRB) -- Researchers say they're closing in on a vaccine for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - more commonly referred to as PTSD. 

It's a breakthrough that could help thousands of American soldiers - returning home from dangerous deployments.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology believe they've zeroed in on a lesser-known hormone produced by the stomach called Ghrelin.

It's tied directly to stress and can be used to suppress fear and other strong emotions. 

"Our work actually suggests that if you knew somebody was going to be potentially exposed to a trauma, then putting them on a drug that could actually block ghrelin might actually lower the incidence of things like post-traumatic-stress-disorder, or depression," said MIT researcher Ki Goosens.

Researchers say they are not trying to create fearless soldiers or get rid of traumatic feelings.
But, they are trying to prevent those memories from leading to PTSD. 

Fox News correspondent Molly Line explains further in this story: on Fox

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