LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Indiana is now keeping drivers charged to cross the country.

That's the purpose behind the first Tesla supercharger in the state. It's part of a chain of charging stations that will eventually connect New York to Los Angeles.

Charging at the station is free -- but it only works for the Tesla Model S car. And it only takes 20 minutes for a driver to charge and get back on the road for as much as 150 miles.

"That was something that we realized was really important -- was to make charging really convenient and really quick for people, because you don't have to have to pull over and stop when you're on a road trip and wait for four hours to charge your car," said Alexis Georgeson of Tesla Motors. "You want it to be really quick and you can get back on the road."

Tesla is opening a store in Indianapolis this month where people can test drive and order a car that usually has a 2-3 month wait.

Prices for the cars start at more than $62,000 for a car that will go an estimated 208 miles before needing a charge, to six figures for a range of 265 miles.

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