LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The 11-month-old baby fighting for her life after a horrific car wreck in Harrison County, Ind. is suffering from a broken neck and swelling on the brain.

That comes from a close friend, speaking out today, trying to help this family in need.

During the heart of the lunch rush at Ryan's in Corydon, Ind., the hearts of the servers are with the one who isn't there.

"She talks about them all the time and she's just a sweet girl -- a real real sweet girl -- and it's not fair that she has to go through this," said Patty Rhoades, a server at Ryan's.

"Kayla's still in shock," added Shanda Lee, a family friend. "My heart is just so broken for her."

Lee says she spent much of the night by Kayla Yeager's side at the hospital. Yeager's little girls are the youngest victims of a horrific crash on I-64 east, outside of Corydon. A day later, Lee says 11-month-old Brynlee Summers is suffering from a broken neck and bleeding on the brain.
Marissa summers, age 2, died at the scene.

We're told Yeager was traveling to New Albany with the girls' grandmother for a doctor's appointment.

"She wasn't going to go, but she said the kids had been snowed in for the past couple of days and she just wanted  to get them out of the house," Lee said.

Police say the Nissan driven by Tory Krueger lost control and flew into oncoming traffic, causing the wreck. Krueger died too.

Both girls were strapped in a car seat -- but now we're learning why they were hurt so badly.

"Marissa -- the buckle is on her chest and the force is what caused it," Lee said. "Brynlee -- she was in a rear-facing car seat and the impact -- just the sudden instant stop."

Lee returned to work, finding Kayla's co-workers doing what they can to help: collecting donations for funeral and medical expenses.

"We all have kids of our own, and we don't want to see her go through this," Rhoades said. "It hits home. This is a very, very close family here."

They're asking the community to help.

"Marissa used to walk around and say, "What mamma, what mamma," Lee said.

Knowing it can't take away the loss, but create one less burden for a family who's already endured too much.

"She adored those kids, came here and worked hard everyday to support them and give them the best of what she could," Lee said.

If you'd like to make a donation, you can visit any First Harrison Bank.  A special account has been set up in Kayla Yeager's name.


Kayla Yeager's family has also set up an account for donations at First Savings Bank under the name "The Yeager Family Benefit"


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