PAOLI, Ind. (WDRB) -- It's a really good sign when you can stand atop Paoli Peaks and see snow covered hills way out in the distance.

That means mother nature has produced its own snow, leaving a nice under layer which is the perfect recipe for Paoli Peaks.

"The weather's been fantastic leading up to opening day. We've had great cold temperatures in order to make lots of snow," said Lauren Grenier, Director of Marketing and Administration at Paoli Peaks.

Orange County got snow on December 6th but Grenier says it wasn't enough for the peaks to open early.

"I think we had even seven inches that first night but it still doesn't produce enough snow in order for us to allow skiers and snowboarders to go on it safely," she explained.

"Immediately we had calls. Are you open? Can you open? It was kind of disheartening to have to tell them no," said Grenier.

From shoveling to plowing snow and even inside the pro shop, employees have been working day and night to get the slopes ready.

"It's 400 people for a three month period so we've crammed the training in and we're all ready to go," Grenier told WDRB.

"We didn't get the snow last year like this or the year before," said employee Annie Laurie Trueblood.

Employees like Trueblood are giddy for the start of the season.

"There's snow. There's activities to do now," said Trueblood excitedly.

Trueblood says she has a feeling this season will be one of the best yet.

"There's a lot of talk and people have been calling up here so I think there's going to be a lot of people. They're excited," she told WDRB.

"We're really hoping this winter will be a nice cold one. I know the farmer's almanac says it's going to be so we've got our fingers crossed," Grenier said.

The season runs December 14th through mid March. For more, visit their website here.

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