LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --Dr. Jason McNabb's dental degree is no longer the focal point of his waiting room. It's a certificate of a different kind that hangs prominently, a Guinness Book of World Records document that declares McNabb the "King of Hot."

"Dr. Pepper seems to stick pretty good," hygienist, Kristin Flynn said.

Whatever you want to call him, the Shively dentist, holds the record for eating more ghost peppers than anyone else across the globe.

"A ghost pepper is about 400 times hotter than a jalapeno," explained Dr. McNabb.

The whole thing was broadcast to a national television audience just a few weeks ago.

"I ate 66 grams in 2 minutes. I don't know the exact number. It was anywhere from 12-15 peppers," McNabb said.

His competitors could only tolerate 45 and 46 grams respectively.

"This was an event that really my office staff pushed me into doing. I think they probably have an insurance policy out on me," McNabb joked.

"We got a lot of laughs out of it, the whole time," said Flynn

Dr. McNabb is laughing too, now that punishment is over.

"As soon as you bite into it, it just feels like you're getting stung by a thousand hornets at once," he said.

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