HENRY COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) - Police say a Kentucky woman wanted her ex-husband dead so badly she tried to hire a hit man, but Kentucky State Police found out about the alleged plot.

68-year-old Shirley Truman, of New Castle, tried to hire a hit man to commit murder, but the 'hit man' she met with turned out to be an undercover Kentucky State Police trooper.

The undercover trooper told the court Monday "That the way she's feeling right now is that a good Donny is a dead Donny...I'm just getting ready to go do it." But Kentucky State Police say Shirley Truman is dangerous.

"You know me and my temper," Truman told witnesses, "I'll just cut his throat too damn quick to talk about it."

"She said that Danny told her that I was the person that could make people disappear," the undercover trooper said in court "I told her yes, I could do that."

Police say during several meetings with the undercover state trooper, Truman was very clear about what she wanted to happen to her ex, in the end, the judge decided the case would move forward.

"The court finds that there is probable cause to believe that the defendant did committed the offense of solicitation to commit murder" the judge said "and therefore we submit the case to the grand jury for possible indictment."

Right now Truman is being held on a 250-thousand dollar full cash bond. She's charged with solicitation to commit murder. 

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